Karen Ho Fatt Lee, “EARTH (star) BURST”, 2015, Shovels, steel, polyurethane coating 



Phillip Bandura, “Wildland Ranch Rocket by FreedomCo”, 2011, glass

Tim Belliveau, “Oil Arms”, 2011, glass

Ryan Marsh, “Fairweather, Balooba”, from the Weathermachines Series”, 2011, glass

Kai Georg Scholefield, “Solar Flare”, 2011, glass

Katrina Chaytor, untitled (blue flower holder), 2011, clay 

Chris Flodberg’s “Opulence”, 2011, oil on canvas, 72 x 72 inch from Masters Gallery Ltd.

Tyler Los-Jones, “Rhinichthys cataractae smithi d. 1986”, 2010, gouache on paper

Teresa Posyniak, “Beverly Hungry Wolf Looking Out “, 2009, encaustic and mixed media on linen


Mark Dicey, Beacon, 2008/2009, acrylic and wooden yardstick on canvas,

Dale Kirschenman, “The Road”, 2009, oil on canvas, 123.0 x 123.0 cm


Maxwell Bates, “Archie Key”, c. 1960, ink on paper

Dianne Bos, “Stampede Midway 1 (Ride, Ride, Ride), Calgary”, 2004, colour pinhole photograph on paper, 76.2 x 76.2 cm

Trudy Golley, “Aurora (Japan)”, ceramic with 24kt gold luster, 8.0 (h) x 15.0 (w) x 20.0 (d) cm     

Terrance Houle, “C-Train”, Urban Indian Series, 2007, ink jet print on paper

R.F.M. McInnis, “1-17-9-00 (Alberta Prairie)”, oil on canvas

R.F.M. McInnis, “1-31-1-87 White on Black (Joanne)”, oil on canvas

Mark Mullin, “A Dissolving Unsound Structure”, 2008, charcoal and pastel on mat board

David Pugh, “Moose Mountain”, c1970’s-80’s, graphite on paper

Noboru Sawai, “Northern Lights”, 1994, woodcut and etching on paper

Laurel Smith, “Glee”, 2008, acrylic on aluminum, 91.4 x 182.8 cm 

Carl White, “I Wrote Your Name in Crayon”, 2003, oil on canvas

Mary Shannon Will, “Intersection 00:00:09”, 2008, ink jet print on paper