cSPACE Residency

Eve Johnson

CAAF Residency, September – October 2023

Eve Johnson, residency project was a fibre sculpture, and multiple “thread paintings”. These pieces explored the relationship between the earth, women, and capitalism. Eve’s residency culminated in the exhibition The World is a Woman, The Woman is a Worker.

Eve Johnson is a visual artist living and working in Calgary. Born with disabilities, she has been creating since the age of three. While taking college level art courses at the age of sixteen, Eve realised that the art establishment was not a good fit for her. She soon found herself ousted from this setting and began creating independently. Over ten years, she created simply for herself and received the label of “outsider artist”. Despite this, Eve joined the National accessArts Centre in late spring of 2021. Since joining this institution, Eve has had her work shown locally and internationally—as far away as Seoul, South Korea.


We acknowledge the generous support of Calgary Arts Development,  the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Rozsa Foundation.