CAAF and carya Residency

The carya/CAAF Residency is a residency program offered by the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation (CAAF) and carya. CAAF is a non-profit organization that supports and encourages the development of art and culture in Calgary. carya is a not-for-profit agency dedicated to creating strong families and communities for generations.

Since 1910, carya has supported individuals and families through counselling, education, community development and in-home assistance, school-based support and more. They help thousands of Calgarians every year to realize their potential. This helps build meaningful, thriving relationships in our families and communities.

The residency program was developed to offer studio space and teaching opportunities to emerging artists in 3 month durations. The studio is located in carya’s new community hub, Village Commons in Calgary’s East Village. The East Village is a vibrant, rapidly growing neighbourhood with several vulnerable population groups, including many seniors. Village Commons is a multigenerational space that offers a diversity of opportunities, programs and community engagement across the lifespan.

Residents are encouraged to exhibit their work and to host open studio hours during their residencies. The carya/CAAF Resident will be required to include at least one 2 hour workshop per week in the studio space throughout their residency.

The Residency Workshops will be focused on working with Older Adults and providing individuals with new or opportunity to strengthen existing skillsets. Workshops should be accessible to folks of a variety of skillsets and abilities

All artists selected for the CAAF Residency are expected to undertake this opportunity professionally, respecting the studio space and their neighbours while acting as a representative of carya and CAAF. The residencies will be in 3 month blocks beginning October 1, 2022. Chosen Artists will be notified early September and will receive $800 per month during the three month term.

Email with questions.

Deadline to apply is August 31, 2022

We acknowledge the generous support of the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and of Calgary Arts Development.