Alana Tyson


CAAF Residency st[art]@Art Central, December 2010 РJanuary 2011




My manipulated fabric pieces formally stem from the repetition of simple motions or marks until complex surfaces are created. The pieces isolate a seductive sculptural language that seeks to rest between something 3-dimensional, yet is simultaneously flat almost painterly. Constructed of hand-sewn lining fabric, these artworks are reminiscent of coffin lining, chocolate boxes, and visceral entrails of the body. These pieces give import to that which is normally hidden away, both literally as in the above references and as a metaphor for the “soul”.

I was constantly told by mother as a child “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”. She was referring to my playmates, but I took this further to my tiny constructed fantasy worlds, some in shoe boxes others as small as walnut shells. Further than my childish fascination with all things miniature, I felt safe and was happy in these introspective “interiors”. Society today is becoming more and more obsessed with outer appearances; no longer able to stay in my own tiny private world, I have constructed large scale pieces that leave the realm of object and become an environment for the viewer, sharing the quiet interior places I have always found solace in.

I am interested in the Art Central space because I could actually create a new installation directly in the space and share it with the public during and after creation. The piece would stretch from floor to ceiling and all the way around covering every wall surface, creating an enclosed and powerful space. I am interested to experiment with how this space will be changed by the installation and whether the resultant space will be suffocating and coffin-like or comforting and enveloping (or both?).