Bianca Guimarães de Manuel

CAAF Virtual Residency, June – August 2020

Due to the ongoing challenges we are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CAAF will continue to move forward with virtual studio residencies. Our newest resident, Bianca Guimarães de Manuel, will be undertaking her residency from the safety of her own home and via CAAF’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.
We are very excited to welcome Bianca to CAAF. Bianca is a Costume Designer and Scenographer based in Calgary. As such, she is someone that articulates someone else’s vision. Through this residency, Bianca would like to find her own artistic voice through designing an installation wherein the set and costume design afford dramaturgical relevance. As a Brazilian Immigrant, Bianca is exploring themes around her past struggles speaking English, how people share spaces, and how we find ways to communicate (verbally and non-verbally) with each other. Follow Bianca over the next three months to see her project progress.



We acknowledge the generous support of the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and of Calgary Arts Development.