Brandy Dahrouge


CAAF Residency st[art]@4Five, April – June 2010




The work I am developing during this residency examines the influence of the past on the present in the changing urban environment of Calgary and my experience with it. How is evidence of the city’s architectural past treated? What role do these structures play in the cultural psyche and current development of Calgary?

I set out to capture evidence of former and current structures coexisting side-by-side. I documented many old structures that are being used in a “modern” way, reflecting the changing nature of the city. Additionally, I captured those historic structures that are on their way out – making room for new development. To better illustrate my ideas around this confluence or past and present, I used a combination old and new photographic technology. I looked at the present through a lens of the past, by placing a homemade pin hole lens on my digital camera.

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