Colleen Rauscher


CAAF Residency st[art]@Art Central, January – March 2008




Interested in issues of perception and motivation, and the creative process, my work, over time, has explored the following: healing, protection, fragility and strength, structure and deterioration, collecting and classification, fragmentation, embellishment, identity and cyclical processes.

In this residency I would like to concentrate on attempting to converge the different directions my work has developed into over the last 10 years, showing work-in-progress and finished works in an installation format.

In the Art Loop space, I would like to (loosely) ‘recreate’ the atmosphere of the Banff studios/surroundings, while exploring processes, doing research, and challenging myself by pushing the boundaries of both the materials and concepts I have been working with.

The walls of the studio will be inherently part of the work; in previous studios, I tend to work in an installation format, with all the work-in-progress and elements of potential artworks pinned up onto the walls of my studio. This will provide the viewer with an indispensable glimpse into the creative process, especially when I am not present at the studio to interact with the public.

Using an Opaque projector, I would project onto some, perhaps all of the walls, an image of Banff (and the surrounding mountains). If time allows for a trip to Banff, it would be the exact view from the window or the balcony of the Papermaking studio at the Banff Centre, where I hope to re-apply and complete a self-directed residency in the Fall of 2008. This would most likely be a line drawing (traced with non-smudging pencil/graphite) of the landscape, so the walls could still be used to exhibit works-in-progress, while not overpowering them.

I’d also like to keep an ‘art journal’ with entries from everytime I’m in the studio space (which would be mostly evenings, Sundays and Mondays), and record the work that is happening there; this way, people can follow what I’ve been up to, even if the space is unattended when they visit.