Elmira Sarreshtehdari

CAAF Residency @cSPACE, April and May 2019

Suite #435 – 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 6T7

An immigrant from Iran, Elmira Sarreshtehdari’s practice centres around two questions. Firstly, how much is an immigrant artist morally and emotionally responsible to frame issues related to her/his home country? And, because there are many aspects of Iranian society that have been already misrepresented by media, should Elmira protect the integrity of her country by keeping silent? 

In her residency, she will explore the subject matter by using dichotomies of mind and body, time and space, still and motion, absence and presence, emotion and anxiety, viewer and embodiment, through the use of different mediums such as drawing, video, sound as well as performative multimedia art and installation. At the end of her residency, Elmira is planning to invite viewers from the Iranian immigrant community and non-Iranians to see her artwork and to open up a conversation with them.