Helen Young

CAAF Residency, November – December 2021

During her residency, Helen Young will be creating small “sets” or miniature rooms in which there will be interactions between characters, objects and environments. This will be done using mixed media, clay, and drawings. These will be guided by experiences within varied spaces in her own  life. Responding to personal anxieties is something that is prevalent in the creation of  Helen’s work. 

The physical workspace will become its own evolving installation throughout the duration of this residency. Eventually she would like to animate the small sets and characters; through the lens of a camera, new realities and narratives are created that can give a false sense of scale, materials and intention. Helen’s idea is that through experiencing the physical sets with our own eyes and then viewing an augmented narrative of those sets created through animation, responds to the ways in  which we can warp our own realities into what we want others to perceive.  


We acknowledge the generous support of the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and of Calgary Arts Development.