Judy Ueda


CAAF Residency st[art]@art central, March – AprilĀ 2012




My paintings are a response to my environment in and around Calgary. My goal is to depict the fundamental essence of the landscape simplified into basic elements focusing on light, color and tonal interactions. I work in at the intersection between the abstract and the real in which I refer to nature but leave my work open to personal interpretation.

I want to express a calmness and atmosphere distilled and abstracted from nature. I paint thin layers of complimentary colours to capture the depth and airiness of our prairie skies. I like to work with horizontal lines and use low horizon lines to create a sense of calm solitude and as well as to capture the vast expanse of the prairies.

Art fulfills so many purposes to challenge, inspire, and reminisce. Art inspired by nature has a distinct personal connection for many people. I think this makes my work assessable to people but still leaves my paintings open to interpretation.

During the residency I will continue to develop my landscape paintings exploring new colour combinations as well as the relative balance between land and sky. My goal is to expand my definition of the landscape and how this may transition into city-scapes working with the energy and vibrancy of the inner city. In exploring a broader meaning of ‘landscape’, I am very interested in other concepts of landscape and welcome anyone to visit my studio.