Kyle Beal


CAAF Residency @4Five, January РFebruary 2015




For the two months of Beals residency he will be working to complete a body of work that includes charcoal drawings, digital prints, and mixed media sculpture for his upcoming exhibition Electric Park at Douglas Udell Gallery (Edmonton, AB) as well as preparatory research and design for the work Roulette. Roulette is a interactive installation that attempts to realize the comedic trope of the ‘hallway’ or ‘doorway roulette’ as a literal space. Subverting the common corridor from a transitory place (or even a metaphorical place of discovery) into a sort of ubiquitous non-place place, Beal references the ‘fun house’ as a site of disorientation, spectacle and escapism, and conflates (or confuses) it with a sterile, innocuous sort of engineered architecture. Roulette makes use of and asks for ill-conceived logic and a slap-stick approach to take a crack at a fun feeling of alienation.

Further details about the upcoming show Roulette at Truck are available at: