Mika Haykowsky 

CAAF Residency, March – April 2022

Mika Haykowsky’s residency project, titled “Speculative Imagining of a Loving Space Remote Control Love Machine”, is an interactive environment that repurposes love, relationships, and desire for intimacy through roommaking. It will be a multimedia installation that incorporates moving parts designed for manipulation of the body: massage chairs, workout paraphernalia, and medical equipment. The Remote Control Love Machine makes host to a series of performative gestures including a guided sensory walk, group meditation, virtual massage and other rituals in and with the space.

Through a child-like and queer gaze, Mika will formulate a temple for the body using ‘feminine’ accessories and uncanny, sensual items that displace desire. Words of love will be incorporated in the work through hand-written letters, LED scrolling signs, and sonic translations. Loving is a creative practice that deserves time, attention and scrutiny, an on-going question of exploration in Mika’s art practice.


We acknowledge the generous support of the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and of Calgary Arts Development.