Nat Cann

CAAF Residency, May – June 2022

Nat Cann’s current work has been focused on the haunting of lands—relentless industries keeping afloat Atlantic Canadian notions of heritage even if those intentions sometimes find themselves misguided. The haunting in this instance does not refer to a ghost or supernatural thing, but that which draws inquisitiveness of such places be it history, the landscape, the people, or something sacred.

Nat’s residency project, “The C” intends to find a haunting within the sprawling city of Calgary, a sea of modernity within Canada. Nat is particularly interested in the relationship between Calgary’s downtown core, and the sprawl across the bow river, to find a unique, perhaps unseen or unmentioned tethering between the two.


We acknowledge the generous support of the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and of Calgary Arts Development.