Natalie McDonald


CAAF Residency st[art]@art central, November 2013 РJanuary 2014




Natalie McDonald is an emerging artist living in Calgary, Alberta. She gained her BFA through Georgian Collage SDVA in Barrie, ON & NSCAD University in Halifax, NS. McDonald is looking forward to a period of sustained focus in a creative environment where people of diverse expertise and backgrounds are gathered. Future plans include completing her MFA and working on curatorial projects with emerging artists.



I find myself captivated by the time I live in and how people interact and respond to each other, the values we bestow upon people, and what is deemed important. These interests have been cultivated throughout my life as I watch how society and people function as they adapt to the rapidly changing world. My observation of the diverse roles in society and the gap between the derelict and dominate have become a central focus for my current body of work. The importance of power, or lack of power or control, and how it can dictate the quality of life and how these different groups interact.

Communication is a central aspect of everyday life, but sometimes it is the expressions and gestures that we make so naturally that convey more than words ever could. Touching on human relationships, such as those we come into contact with on a daily basis, these characters communicate with the most minutiae of gestures, creating clever narratives that are left open for individual, reflection and interpretation.