Nicole Bauberger


CAAF Residency st[art]@Art Central, March – April 2009




Bauberger makes her home in Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territory. She paints in oils, acrylics and encaustic, depending on the project at hand. She will open an installation of paintings and text called Yukon Drives at the Odd Gallery in Dawson City this coming May, and she’s touring Listening to the Mountain, a show of paintings and drawings in installation, through public galleries across Canada.

She writes about art for Galleries West and What’s Up Yukon. She served on the board of the Yukon Artists @ Work Cooperative for 3 years, the last year as chair. She’s looking forward to meeting people from Calgary and also members of Calgary’s art scene, and can offer her knowledge of the Yukon art scene and potential opportunities for artists and curators there in exchange.



Nicole Bauberger will be creating and installing 100 small encaustic paintings of dresses about Calgary over the 10 days of her St[art] residency. The dresses will be inspired by 100 small things she hears about or experiences of being in Calgary during those 10 days. The dress acts as a lens to view this place and time. Cumulatively, they will create a portrait of late March in Calgary for the viewers, “tailored” to their recent experiences. It’s a kind of landscape painting that includes human elements of the landscape.

Encaustic is a form of painting with melted beeswax and pigment, fused to a surface with heat. Visit the artist by chance or appointment at the St[art] studio to watch her brush, layer, scrape, carve and embed found objects in the wax.

This will be Bauberger’s twelfth 100 Dresses project. Over the past two years, Bauberger has carried out these interactive series of dress paintings in cities across Canada, inspired by their various landscapes and seasons. This winter she has carried out 100 Dresses projects in Montreal and Peterborough, Ontario. She will undertake the project for the Profiles Public Art Gallery in October of this year.