Siva Pillay


CAAF Residency st[art]@Art Central, June 2008




I am originally from Vancouver and studied at Emily Carr School of Art for four years before I set about creating a body of work. I am of south Indian heritage, and am heavily influenced by Germanic and Nordic art in my work. I see my art as a confluence of cultures that speaks to the multicultural nature of contemporary Canadian art. I came to Calgary in late 2006, leaving all my past work behind and have since had two shows in Vancouver in absentia.

I primary work in 2-Dimensional art but I do like to work with 3-D accepts to my art work. I work with wood/paper/metal/ acrylic/oil paints/graphite/pen and house paints. The size of art work varies from 4 by 4 inches to 3 metres by 6 metres. This winter I will be working on a new series of lithographs at the Alberta Printmaking Society.