Zacery Volpe


CAAF Residency st[art]@Art Central, June – July 2011




Zacery Volpe is a fabulous queer artist originally from England who believes that eventually incredible, fluid people of all races, biological sexes, chosen gender identities, and sexualities will blend in a beautiful maelstrom of queer society. He creates conceptual art installations, short filmic works, and manifestos that he hopes will inspire social change and gorgeous discussion, he strives to make the queer zeitgeist proud!



The Umbrella Installation is an intermedia event that smashes art headlong into such topics as traditional queer theory, feminism, body diversity, touch and sex positivity, reclamation, and trans. issues under the umbrella term “QUEER!”. The project is an evocative political whirlwind of spray-paint, manifestos, collage, zines, Polaroids, and tracings of human bodies inspired by nights dancing at gaybars, Paris is Burning, people, love, and an adoration for a community that accepts all – the entire installation will also be collected and documented in a megamanifesto available as a PDF at