Christopher Savage

CAAF Residency @cSPACE, September – November 2019

Suite #435 – 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 6T7


Christopher Savage received his MFA at the U of C in 2018. His interests lie in visual language presented as immersive installation environments. Utilizing paper cut out techniques, he will create a series of hanging geometric paper lanterns, thus transforming the CAAF studio space. With an aim to facilitate a theatrical and abstract storytelling experience through the separate lanterns, viewers will have a series of channels to navigate through the space in a variety of ways.

Christopher’s inspiration is drawn from a variety of theoretical and narrative sources, that are synthesized into a visual language that examines the links between the visible and invisible as relating to the self. His process starts with drawing, allowing him to record imagery from careful observation and thought; these drawings are then warped through imagination and transferred to other mediums. Utilizing paper cut outs and LED lighting, Christopher will make visible the multiplicities, fluidity, and depth of narrative experience. Evoking a strangeness that is phantasmagoric, the works will position viewers between a sense of clarity and fragmentation.