Claudia Chagoya: In Memoriam

In Memoriam

by Claudia Chagoya
February 3 to May 3, 2021
Gallery 505 is a Window Gallery located in the lobby of 505 – 8th Ave SW

My artistic practice engages with topics such as the diverse, ingrained, misogynistic understanding of women prevalent in Mexican society, and the violence waged against them stemming from these assumptions. The most extreme outcome of this violence is Feminicide; the term is defined as the killing of women because of their gender, where outrageous acts of violence are present. In Mexico, Feminicide manifests in the thousands of women and girls murdered each year. The term also encompasses the imbalance of the gender power structures in Mexico, and the corruption and neglect from the authorities surrounding these murders. This attitude of neglect affects deeply the way victims are mourned and how families try to overcome the tragedy. This disruption of grieving processes is what my current work focuses on.

We acknowledge the generous support of 679 CAPITAL, The City of Calgary Public Art Program, the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and of Calgary Arts Development.