Jocelyn Reid

Laying Low

by Jocelyn Reid
May 7 to August 2, 2021
Gallery 505 is a Window Gallery located in the lobby of 505 – 8th Ave SW

Laying Low is a small installation that investigates ideas of waiting, longing, and deterioration. Made during the pandemic, these works reflect the body, each one simultaneously emanating a sense of buoyancy and enervation. As formal studies, these cast-porcelain balloons echo the curve of a breast or the indent of a navel while still maintaining their identities of disposable latex filled with nothing but air. Posing questions about value and longevity, the works in this exhibition act as stand-ins for the human form, drawing references to age and familiar textures. The sculptures hyperbolically allude to the satiny sheen of manufactured plastic, the warm glow of a rosy cheek, or the glossy reflection of saliva. Laying Low is a visual study of the banal yet often remarkable rhythm of a body in stasis, waiting.


We acknowledge the generous support of 679 CAPITAL, The City of Calgary Public Art Program, the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and of Calgary Arts Development.