Jocelyn Reid

Jocelyn Reid

CAAF Residency @4Five, September 2016

Open Studio: Wednesday September 28th 2016 5-7pm 

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As humans, we surround ourselves with objects, and personal experience ultimately becomes
punctuated by the things we cultivate and eventually dispose of. Inanimate possessions act as
bookends for situations, becoming fused to the everyday: these quiet shapes, and their tenure within our
lives, are where my work finds interest. This kind of emotional connection to material items especially
pertains to childhood toys, which, with age, mutate into ghosts – simultaneously becoming the most
functionally useless and emotionally significant articles in our lives. By referencing, distorting, and
eulogizing the objects we love and eventually lose, I hope to frame the process of accumulation, ask
after excessive collection, and underline the relationship between owner and owned.

– Jocelyn Reid, 2016

Jocelyn Reid is a ceramic and mixed media artist currently living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Since
receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2013, Reid has shown her
work internationally, and has participated in multiple residency programs throughout Canada, the USA,
and Europe. Most recently, Reid was awarded an Alberta Foundation for the Arts project grant, allowing
her to become a 2016/2017 Artist in Residence at Medalta in Medicine Hat, Alberta.