Kim Hoang

CAAF Residency @4Five, February – March 2017

#503 319 – 10 Avenue SW (located around the back of the building)

Open Studio: March 30th 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Emerging artist and designer, Kim Hoang, is interested in material and design processes that explore ideas of space, boundaries, and liminality. Hoang’s work goes beyond physical space by investigating social and cultural dimensions. Who’s an insider? Who’s an outsider? Who sets these boundaries? How far do they extend? Moments of inclusion and exclusion exist, and the gradient in between and beyond is what propels Hoang’s creative research. Some of her most compelling work includes a series of ephemeral graphite impressions that document her navigation through a procession of spaces. During the residency, Hoang seeks to unsettle the tradition of how data is gathered and represented for spatial analyses by asking what type of information is privileged, and giving platform to what is marginalized. Hoang immerses herself in an interdisciplinary process through her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and current pursuit of the Master of Architecture at the University of Calgary.