Megan Dyck

Megan Dyck

CAAF Residency @4Five, April – May 2017

#503 319 – 10 Avenue SW (located around the back of the building)

Open Studio: May 29th 5:00 – 7:00 pm


In my work I engage in a sculptural practice where the re-contextualizing of familiar surfaces and forms leads to the creation of shifty object-characters of an unpredictable and contradictory nature. By integrating textiles whose patterns and textures capacitate a dynamic range of associations with seemingly equal rigor, my works at times speak to each other, or the spaces in which they temporarily reside. New personas are subsequently cast onto these hybrid forms as they defy the positions implied by their vaguely utilitarian constitutions, beckoning benignly vacant interactions and in-sighting curious recollections of real and imagined beings. During my CAAF residency, I will be constructing a rigorous new body of sculptural works and installing these within the studio space, culminating in a composite exhibition. Here, physical attributes expressly suggestive of form or function will be muddled to create duplicitous objects that exist under the guise of sheer decoration, yet persist in gesticulating surreptitiously mundane exchanges in spite of their inability to perform in any useful way.